Mobile Welding

HCI offers a fast and convenient mobile welding service that can help avoid paying costly towing or transport fees. “Mobile” means more than just showing up at your location, our mobile service provides a welding shop on four wheels. We bring everything we need to do the job. Our mobile welding division consists of ten welding trucks, providing up to 300′ of welding range from each truck, allowing us to get where most others cannot. Portable line boring, boar welding equipment, plasma cutting, oxy/acetylene torch cutting and arc gouging are some of our other mobile capabilities we offer. We commonly perform repairs on drilling rigs, install wellheads, install casing plates, cut conductors, fabricate stairs, repair trailers, structural steel, modify and fabricate pipe projects, etc. If it is metal, we can fix it! Our mobile service allows us to travel not only across Wyoming but Colorado and surrounding areas as well.

Shop Welding and Fabrication

Here at HCI, our welding and fabrication shop is 15,000 square feet, allowing for a multitude of different work to be performed. We offer MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), Stick welding (SMAW), carbon arc gouging, oxy/acetylene cutting and post weld heat treatment capabilities to complete your projects. Our in-house certified welding inspector verifies the weld quality, workmanship, and conformance to specifications. Our team has the knowledge and skill to weld and/or fabricate on carbon steel, stainless steel, structural steel, aluminum, and cast iron.

Some of the equipment you will find within our shop includes: 220 and 400 ton press brake, 1/4″ by 12′ plate shear, lathes, mills, 1/2″ by 10′ plate roller, tube bender, and the list goes on. One of our prized pieces is our 5′ by 10′ CNC plasma table. A CNC allows a computer to control the torch head, producing clean, sharp cuts providing us with the ability to cut projects specific to our customers needs.

Trucking Services

Delivering an important load means you need confidence in the delivery service. HCI is the dependable courier you are looking for. You can rest assured we will handle the load with care and get it exactly where it needs to go. No matter the size of the load (with the exception of oversized), we’ve got hot shot trucking services and transportation options to handle it. Our drivers have completed a background check and are fully licensed and insured.

Whether you operate alongside oil refineries, gas wells, pipeline or plants – we can provide your hot shot trucking solutions. Our fleet consists of straight trucks, goose necks, flatbeds, semis, step decks, and belly dumps. Have a load needing to go across county lines or even across the nation, we are ready to help 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Other Services Offered

If you need space to store a stacked drilling rig, construction equipment or for overflow vehicle parking, HCI provides industrial yard space for lease. We also offer additional services to include: pipe rack rentals, skid steer services, line boring, bore welding, and post weld heat treatment.